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Raking Leaves

The Dilemma With Leaves: To Rake or To Mulch

Let’s put this debate to rest, once and for all. What should you do with your leaves? Raking seems like the obvious choice since that’s what most people do and what we’re used to, but in most cases, mulching is actually the healthier option for your lawn.

You do want to make sure you choose one of those options, though, because letting full leaves sit on your lawn blocks sunlight and air from getting to your grass. And the problem compounds once rain or snow hits, possibly causing turf diseases and in bad cases, killing your grass.

Raking the yard won’t do any harm, but it certainly won’t do any good either. If you really dislike the look of leaves hanging around, go ahead and rake them. But, if you want to take advantage of free fertilizer, mulching is the way to go. As the leaves break down, they’ll fertilize the soil as well as suppress those pesky weeds you’d rather not deal with, anyway.

 How to Mulch Leaves

  1. Use a Mulching Mower — Or a mulching mower attachment to break the leaves into smaller pieces that your lawn can use easier.
  2. Use Your Normal Mower — It won’t be quite as efficient, but mulching leaves with a mower will do the trick.

What to Do With Mulched Leaves

  • Spread Across Your Lawn — If you simply mow over them, you can leave them right where they are.
  • Rake Into Garden or Flower Beds — Reduces mess by spreading your leaves over a confined area instead of your entire lawn.
  • Use as Mulch Around Trees — Give trees a nutrient boost with a layer of leaves.
  • Add to Your Compost Pile — Keep mulched leaves next to your compost pile to layer over kitchen food waste throughout the winter.
  • Pile Them Where Your Lawn Needs Love — Boost a struggling area of soil by making a large leaf piling and letting it sit until spring.

Best of luck with your sod! 


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