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Fresh Sod Rolls

Why Fresh Sod Is Best

We cut our sod fresh from the fields when you purchase it, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. That’s because our goal is to provide you with the freshest sod and give you the best tools to grow a beautiful, lush lawn. While it may be more convenient to swing down to your neighborhood store, buying from Shattuck can be just as easy. All it takes is a little planning.

Reasons to choose fresh-cut sod:

You’ll See Better Results

You’ll have more time to lay the sod if you know when it was cut. For best results, we recommend laying your sod on the same day it was cut. How long does sod stay alive, exactly? That depends. When it’s growing season and the weather is hot and humid, for example, sod will work to keep growing after it's been cut, which releases nitrogen and heats up the sod, starting to kill it only 12 hours after being cut. But, if you’re installing the sod in the spring or fall, you’ll have more time thanks to the cooler average temperatures.

Many people ask how to keep cut sod fresh, but there isn’t a great answer. Keeping sod in the shade can help the rolls last, but watering them doesn’t — and neither does covering them with a tarp, which can actually cause damage. It’s best to play it safe and install the sod as soon as you can after pick up or delivery — and it’s best to buy from a sod farm where you know the sod was cut as close to your pick-up or delivery time as possible.

It Takes to the Soil Easier

The sooner you can unroll the turf onto your lawn and get it watered, the better. Turf is a perishable product that performs better when laid sooner rather than later. The longer it sits, the better chance it has of drying out, which puts stress on the turf and makes it difficult for the roots to establish.

If you’re on the hunt for fresh-cut turf for your Des Moines area lawn, give us a call at 515-331-4900. 

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