Surprising Ways That Sod Helps Our Environment

Is Sod Good For the Environment?

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is YES! Sod is good for the environment because it cools the area around it, filters chemicals out of the atmosphere, releases oxygen back into the atmosphere, and retains water to prevent flooding.

Heat Reduction

The sod grass from Shattuck Turf Farms is already grown to maturity, so when it’s placed in your yard, it immediately begins to cool the area. In the scorching summer heat, your lawn will be 30 degrees cooler than your cement or asphalt driveway. The average front lawn can produce the same amount of cooling capacity as 8.5 tons of air conditioning. This cooling effect is more efficient than your air conditioner, which produces 3-4 tons of cooling capacity.

Noise Absorption 

Sod has the ability to filter out noise pollution by up to 30% in some areas, making your neighborhood a more calming place to live.

Pollution Removal

Water and air quality are greatly affected by the addition of sod to your lawn. The natural photosynthesis process eliminates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. On top of that, it filters dust and dirt that would otherwise end up in the underground aquifers we drink from.

Oxygen Production

As sod filters the carbon dioxide out of our air, it releases oxygen so we can breathe and thrive in our everyday atmosphere. In fact, an average-sized 25,000 square foot lawn releases enough oxygen for an entire family of four to breath easily.

Flood Prevention

Sod soaks up rainwater and retains it four times better than a field of hay and 2,000 times better than a dirt lawn. That retaining property prevents runoff, excess water from pooling around your home, and water leaking into your basement. Your healthy lawn can do a world of good in keeping that from happening.

Aesthetic Value

Not only does quality sod serve many functional purposes, it also makes your house look like a million bucks. It’s a great compliment to the rest of your outdoor landscaping and the entire look together can increase the value of your home by 15-20%. The clean and soft surface makes a great play area for children and pets, making it priceless to you and potential home buyers alike.

Mental Health Improvement

Having such expansive greenery surrounding us in our day-to-day lives affects our mental and physical health. The green pigment is mood boosting and studies have shown that hospitalized patients recover faster when they have an outdoor view of a landscape, rather than concrete or walls of adjoining buildings.

Remember: Keeping your lawn in good shape means it will benefit the environment for years to come. Follow the following tips to get the maximum life span out of your sod.

Choose the correct type of sod for your area
Mow your lawn high so that deep roots can develop
Use a quality lawn mower
Leave the grass clipping on your lawn
Water responsibly

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