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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms In Your Lawn

You may have just had a hard rainfall, or maybe you’ve been watering your lawn a little too much, but no matter the cause, it’s never ideal to have mushrooms popping up all over your yard. They’re unsightly, can be hard to get rid of, and can also be dangerous to pets or children, but when it comes to your lawn, they won’t cause any damage.

 Mushrooms are caused by the breakdown of organic matter so it’s likely that there’s a piece of buried wood, or roots underground that the fungus is working to break down. The mushrooms growing in your yard will also eventually break down and both will add nutrients to your soil, ultimately doing more good than harm.

There are many different kinds of mushrooms, but the most common are the species shaped like umbrellas. Fairy ring mushrooms can also appear around the buried matter they’re trying to decompose. The fungus and mushrooms in your yard will likely vanish once they’re done breaking down the buried object, but there are a few ways to improve the look of your lawn and speed up the process.

Remove As Needed
We recommend breaking off the portion sticking out of the ground or mowing over them, and picking up and disposing of the pieces if you have pets or kids that might try to eat them. Otherwise, you can leave them broken up in your yard so they can return nutrients to your lawn’s soil. They reproduce by spreading spores, which can spread with the help of wind or water, meaning they can be hard to get rid of completely. If you aren’t worried about digging up your lawn, you can also try to unearth the entire fungus, including the portion growing underground.

Apply Nitrogen Fertilizer

It’s possible to speed up the breakdown process using a readily available nitrogen fertilizer. The best ratio is ½ to ¾ pound per 1,000 square feet of lawn.

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